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Saturday, January 01, 2005
Happy 2005 everyone! Hope you all had a happy and safe time ringing in the new year. Here at our house we stayed up and watched the ball drop, kissed and promptly went to bed. Whoa!

Today's big plans include taking down all the decorations of Christmas and packing them away for another year. I hate this part. Why can't those darned elves make themselves useful and come back and do it for me. I left some pretty good treats out this year. You'd think that would account for something (besides an increased waist line).

For dinner we are having ham and black-eyed peas (with lots of spice thanks to red pepper flakes, since I forgot the jalapenos). Got to have the black-eyed peas for luck and money in the new year!! I'll include some sort of yet to be determined veggie and for desert Key Lime Cake! Mmmmm.

I have been so excited about the thread Cal at Crochetville, I have to admit I've started early. I've made three doilies in three days! I'll post a picture of one of them later. (My son is asleep and the set up for the download is in his room.) The project for the Cal is still in the works. It's filet crochet and I am still working out the pattern. Soon, my precious, soon.

I also found the perfect yarn for the soldier's hat in my stash last nite. It is a knit weight yarn (a little thinner than sport weight) and should work up into a nice skully that is thin enough to wear under a helmet. Bonus is it is a tweed in black and dark green. Yah! I got my hat swap pal and am excited about picking out a pattern especially for her. I have two in mind. One I saw on the movie "Shaun of the Dead" last nite. I may have to wing that one if I decide on it. The other I've made before and love how it works out.

Have a happy, safe and above all peaceful New Year. I hope that in 2005 we all practice more patience and tolerance in our daily lives and try with all our might to be a sister or brother to mankind and a steward of the earth. For it is in cooperation and not in force of will that peace and harmony are to be found.

Peace and Blessings to you all and your families~ DAWN

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