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Monday, January 17, 2005
  Birthday Day
Happy Birthday to my dad (77 years old) and my middle son (16)! May you both enjoy this special day and may it be the beginning of a spectacular year!

I can't believe that my son is 16! That makes two (2) teenage drivers living in this house. Help me! no, they are both good behind the wheel. Our insurance is over the top, however. Man, you'd think they'd give you the benefit of the doubt and wait on raising premiums until they have an accident. It's like saying you suck as a driver before you get the chance to prove yourself. Not to mention the punishment on the parents pocketbook.

I am making another bag with the leftover Moda Dea yarn plus a little gold thread and some plum yarn. It's a pouch for some "good vibes" cards that I got over the weekend. These cards are awesome. I'm to lazy to get up and write to full name and a possible link right now, maybe later. Anyway, I love making pouches and little bags and stuff. They are so fun and you can embellish them in all sorts of ways.

I'm gonna try and get almost through with my doily today. I'm almost there, but this is a lacy doily so until I block it it has the tendency to appear loose (which can mislead you into thinking you skrewed up somehow--when actually you didn't).

I'm rambling.....I need another cup of coffee. Oh, the rams got totoally spanked they other nite in their game against the falcons. What an embarassment!! that score was horrible. Well, when you play like shit.... you certainly don't deserve the honors. So...no super bowl this year. I still believe.....

Have a great day, all! Peace~ DAWN

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