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Tuesday, January 04, 2005
  I feel Younger already
Just kidding, if I felt any younger I'd be an infant....I was referring to the fact that I colored my hair after a long and over due period of time. The grey was getting depressing and scary. I can go without makeup, but oh no, no, no, I must cover the grey. That is my one vanity for sure. Ahh, but it's all better now.

I have picked out the pattern for my hat swap pal and now it is a matter of getting it going. I think she will like it. I like it....
I'm stuck on the ripple cal though. I was gonna do the doggie blankies but realized they would look totoally patched together with a ripple pattern and the mish mash of scrap yarns I have to use up. So I'm back to the starting block with this one. I'll get my act together soon enough.

I have to bow out of the Secret Pal this time. I stretched it to thin over the holidays and I need to recoup. Not to mention (brag brag) me and my hubby are going to Vegas for 10 days in March! and I can't wait. This will be our 3rd year in a row. We get to go this year because he has a confrence for work that he has to attend there and I'm going along cause he ain't hanging out in Vegas without me.

There was a blip on Marvies blog about getting up a RAOK over at Crochetville. That would be awesome if we could make that happen. What fun to be able to surprise people with things from their wish list at any give time during the year. I hope that we can come together over there and make it a happening.

Well, I'm by myself at home today,,, they've all gone to their respective places--school and work--and my dad is still on his trip to God know where. I haven't heard from him since he left. I know where he's been cause my brother sent me new years eve photos of them all at a party in Gainsville (my brothers wife is in a jazz band and they played a New Years Eve bash there). Anyway, being alone may sound refreshing--and it is--however, this house has some serious disorder issues that need attending, so....
I'm off to do house work and organizing.

Have a great day all! Peace~ DAWN

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