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Tuesday, January 25, 2005
  Wanna Hear a Story?
Let me set the scene for this story.
It's evening, my son has let the dogs in for the nite so they can eat and relax with the family. I have a rare moment or two after dinner to sit in the livingroom and crochet. I'm in the big recliner with my yarn and hook, crocheting with some of the new mohair yarn I just bought that day. Behind me I hear this noise and turn around and see our beagle, Buster, chewing on something. I say, "Buster! what do you have?" He doesn't answer (that's not what this story is about) but I can see something between his paws. I can't quite make it out, but I think--or assume--it's one of my youngests toy cars or helicopters.
I call my youngest into the livingrooom. "Go see what Buster is chewing on, please."
He goes behind me to check it out and I resume crocheting. I'm thinking, he will see it's one of his toys and pick it up and I can crochet in peace.
Pay Attention: here is where the story gets good.....
I ask, "What was it?"
My son comes walking over to me and says, "It's a dead bird."
I look up to see, dangling between the fingers of my little boy, a DEAD BIRD! Now, I live with all males, so ordinarily I am not easily shocked by things, however, on this occation I let out a scream that could rival any in hollywood. This was a shriek like I've never heard before and it was coming from me!
My son, now freaks out because I'm freaking out and he FLINGS THE DEAD BIRD INTO MY LAP. I look down, still screaming, to see this dead bird on me and I jump up. Me and the bird, literally switch places. The bird is now in the chair and I and my crocheting are flying through the air.
My oldest son comes out of his room wanting to know what is going on and I'm yelling, "get that dead bird out of here! get it, get it!"

Now, show of hands... how many of you out there have ever had a dead bird thrown in your lap? hmmm.

Yeah, that is how my nite went. How was that for a story? Before that I had had a very good day. I went shopping and bought some of the best yarn. Symphony, by RH. It is acrylic mohair and it is wonderful to work with. Best part.... you get 310 yards for under $4.00 !! That is a bargin in my book. Wanna hear something else good, you can get it at Wal-Mart!

To make my day even better, when the mail came I got a package from Over the Rainbow Yarns at E-Bay. I ordered some hand painted yarn on Friday and got it Monday! Yippie! It is gorgeous! and it's my favorite, Wild Colors all mixed together. Happy day for me. I get to play with my yarn and come up with ideas for its use.

I also finished my doily for the Thread Cal at Crochetville. Plase check out the Thread Cal Gallery to see my latest doily and some of the other great doilies from fellow thread crocheters. Okay, carry on and thanks for reading about my adventures.

Before I forget, Natalie asked what pattern I used for the bookmarks I posted the other day. I used one called Elegant Pineapple bookmark. Super easy. I just changed the stitching at the bottom to suit my taste.

Peace~ DAWN

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