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Sunday, January 30, 2005
  A New Charity
I was looking through the blogs and came across Cindy's blog called Crochet Chronicles (which is a good blog, by the way so check it out). She had a post about making red scarves to donate to a charity for helping Chinese Orphans. If you are interested please check out The Red Scarf Project. A worth while project for those of you who may have red yarn laying around and wondering what to do with it. She uses the word knit scarf, but she also accepts crocheted ones as well. Give it a look, please.

I got my swap partner for the poncho/shawl swap at Crochetville. I am very excited. I will reveal to her later that I got her name, but for now I want to keep it to myself. She gave me some good info in her survey and I ordered, what I think, is the perfect yarn for her. Now, I just need to find the best pattern. My Seraphina shawl is probably halfway through. I admit, I didn't work on her at all yesterday. Instead I did some cross stitching. I have to divide my time between all my craft loves and that can be hard sometimes. I have kind of decided that during the week I will crochet and on the weekends I will do cross stitch. I like to combine them and when I finish my current cross stitch, I will post a picture of the project in all it's (hopefully) glory. {I am sneaking in some Seraphina time this morning, however...sshhh, don't tell my needle and thread}.

My poor baby is sick! He woke up yesterday throwing up! I hate it when they are that sick...it makes me feel so helpless. He didn't eat a thing yesterday until just before 8pm He got some crackers down and about an hour later they came back up. Thankfully this morning he is looking better. He is still pale as a sheet, but he ate a muffin and it has stayed down. I think he is on the mend. Now, I get to hold my breath as I wait to see how many of the 5 other people in this house get it. I hope and pray that by some miracle no one else gets sick. Time will tell....

I have a new album in my "Listening To" on my sidebar. I am a huge Ani Difranco fan and she has a new cd out and it is sooooo good. Close to some of her older stuff. If you know who Ani is and you like her, run out and get this cd. If you don't, be for warned, she is ulta liberal and not for everyone. In my world, she is in the top five of my favorites. Rock on Ani!!~

Have a great Sunday and enjoy your families (and friends). Tell them how much you love them.

Peace~ DAWN


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