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Wednesday, January 31, 2007
Please note that I am no longer blogging on this page. I have moved my blog to:


Please update your blogrolls or pages and come visit me in my new home. Thank you so much!!
Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, January 30, 2007
  Mind Numbing Knitting
I decided I needed a mind numbing knit to keep me occupied during T.V time and waiting in the car for the young one to get out of school. I was surfing some sites yesterday and came across this one from the Red Scarf Project. It was orignally from Yarn Harlot. She is brilliant.

I have several skeins of RH and TLC Essentials in my stash that I really really want to get rid of and I decided this year to do my donations to Hats 4 the Homeless. So this scarf as well as any other scarves and hats that I make this year will be sent to them.

Oh I have found a new addiction:

It is a delicious drink that tastes like melted coffee ice cream! It is so so good. There are 4 servings in the big size (but I'm afraid that if I'm not careful I may drink it all in one day--that would not be good at 199 calories per serving).

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Thursday, January 25, 2007
  Better Days

Feeling tons better today. My mouth is healing up really well. The hole is almost closed up and the broken blood vessels are not as florescent as they were yesterday. It was like a Jackson Pollock painting under my tongue for awhile there.
I am almost done with a second square and I finished a hat the other day (Silk Garden Beanie). This one is made from that awesome Noro Silk Garden #84. Love those colors. the hat is way to cute and I added a little I-cord top knot. I think it makes the hat more fun and less generic. I mean, how many beanies can one own before the begin to blend into one another.

I am awaiting a second shipment of sock yarn from Simply sock Yarn. I got some last week and was satisfied and then got an update that they had sold out of the Panda sock yarn but received a new batch in and I got sucked in, I tell ya. It was a sneaky, sneaky thing they did. Such nice yarn and cute color combos. Dang! So, I ordered more. I have to stay away from the online stores. They are so bad for my wallet. But. . . since I have this cute square pattern and can use up the sock yarn bits and sew them together for little baby blankets or pillows, it seems such a shame not to have the yarn to do it.

Winter is upon us here, people. Cold, cold from the north has made it way to Tennessee. The highs for the coming days are only in the low 40's and maybe even the 30's. I really hate winter. I can't stand to be cold. It takes me forever to get warmed up again. Usually when I get cold the only way to get me warmed up is with a really hot shower. I try to drink hot liquids during the day and I walk around with a sweater on. How "old lady" am I?
Have a great day, Peace~ DAWN
Tuesday, January 23, 2007
  Test Square

I joined a knitalong for a test pattern for squares made out of sock yarn. This is the first one. My next few will be in the colors that they preferred but I had this leftover from a pair of socks I made for my sister and wanted to see how the pattern would work up. They will still be able to use this one as they are using the extras to make blankets for the homeless. The site for the knitalong is here but it is closed. I got in just in the nick of time. I missed the last one for the meathead hat, which bummed me out. I love that hat. I'll just have to wait for the book.

Did I mention lately that I HATE to go to the dentist. Well, I went in today for my tooth to be ground down to nothing and for them to fit me for my crown (which will be done in 3 weeks--yay, more dentist fun in my future). Well, while he was drilling away at my tooth he slipped. HE SLIPPED, PEOPLE! which meant that the drill made a piercing, basically, under my tongue. I have a nice size hole under my tongue that, when this numbing agent wears off, is gonna hurt like a son of a bitch. I'm an just sitting here waiting for the first shot of pain to begin. My tooth is already getting sore. I hate to wish my days away, but I really wish it was tomorrow already.

I'm gonna lay down. I'm getting hungry but I can't eat yet. Peace~ DAWN This whole side of my head is not happy.

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