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Thursday, December 07, 2006
  Scenes of Winter
It is officially winter here--there is actually snow falling. Okay, it's just flurries but in my opinion snow is snow. Here is a cardinal enjoying the cold temps. People, this bird is really far away, my awesome papparatzi camera snapped this up on hyper-zoom. I could do some damage with this thing. But, alas, I am a good person so I will keep my hyper-zoom to myself.

On a totally different note: this is what my family looked like before 8 p.m last night. Sad, isn't it? My husband, the girlfriend and two out of the three dogs--passed out for the night. Really, for the night. I also want you to look at my livingroom/kitchen area and now take a peek at your own livingroom/kitchen. Please, please tell me you have a similar existence (i.e shoes on the coffee table and a stranded paper plate with what looks to be a corndog stick on it, piles of bags and papers on every surface including chairs, random crap magnetically adhered to your fridge, and dirty dishes in and around the sink). If this sound familiar to you, high five, if not-- don't talk to me (just kidding--pass on your golden secret to the well kept house which includes, but is not limited to: 3 boys, one husband, one father, 3 dogs and an assortment of friends).

I have errands to run and a deep freeze to dig through for food for dinner tonight. Wish me luck... oh, and the boob squishing went fine. I seriously think they should give you a sucker or a cup of coffee or at the least a hug after they are done. Sheezzze!

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