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Tuesday, December 19, 2006
  Is it Christmas Yet?

I am so not feeling it this year. I wish I were more "merry" about the whole thing but I can't seem to get it going. I have packages yet to wrapped, they are just laying about in bags and boxes while the tree patiently stands there. I have stuff under it but not like normal. I haven't even baked like I usually do. Probably not even half of what I usually make. Part of that is I want my family to be a little healthier and I get blamed all the time for making sweets to often. So I feel like, "fine". Anyways, here is a photo of the poor poor Christmas tree:
The second one is a little artsy from the floor up. I guess I should have picked up on some of the more interesting ornaments from that angle but I reckon that you are lucky that I made it up off the floor to publish the photos. Gotta love the phish on the wall. Kinda just sets off the holiday mood juuuussst right.

On some knitting news I have finished a couple of more hats.

One is another Button Fly hat and the other is the Elfin hat from Hello Yarn. Love their patterns. You are probably wondering if that is all I make. Well, no but the other stuff takes a lot longer to complete. I have

  • Ms Merigold almost done (just the ruffle shoulders left to do
  • Swallow Tail shawl from Interweave Knits mag
  • Peace Fleece socks

I am awaiting yarn for the Kenobi Jacket (Boyfriend Sweater) in the new KnitScene. Plus, I have a ton of HandPainted yarn on the way for more -umm- hats. And I have some yarn that I think will work out lovely for the Vine Stitch Wrap in the Vogue Knitting Shawls book. I may use it for the new shawl that is up at Elann's called Sun Ray Shawl. Only mine would be in a color called Ox Blood. Yummy.

Anyway, I leave you with the latest picture of Winston who is quite the picture of a Boxer now. He has the most insane under bite I have ever seen on a dog. I will try and get a photo of that next, you will be shocked. He looks like an inverted vampire. His poor little lips get stuck in his teeth, it's quite funny.

Peace~ DAWN


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