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Monday, November 20, 2006
  Purple Daze
Sorry about the extra large photo of my foot however I wanted you to get a gander at the gi-normous stone bruise that I have. It is that big on the bottom of my foot as well, just under my pinkie toe... I do not where I got it from but there it is in all of it's purple glory. Kinda pretty color. It looks like it would hurt but other that when I first discovered it and had the raised knot on the underside of my foot, it feels fine.

To keep up with the theme I have begun a purple beret. . .

I absolutely love this Ultra Alpaca from Berroco. This color is so lovely, it shifts and changes in the light. I have no earthly idea if this beret will fit me when I am done because I had a dickens of a time getting gauge and frankly, I don't trust hat gauges anyway. I also don't know how I will look in a beret... I guess we shall see. If it doesn't fit I will have to find it a home and then re-do my numbers. If it does fit-- oo la la.

It is bone chilling cold here today. Not a day for being outside for more than a couple of minutes. The wind just cuts straight through.

Some sad news. . . a client of mine lost her 25 year old son over the weekend in a motorcycle accident. It is just so sad. He had a passenger on the back and she is in serious condition with a fractured pelvis and broken leg. I can not imagine my clients pain...I just pray that her spirit is protected and that she has great support to help her deal with everything. Give your loved ones an extra squeeze today and tell them that you love them. It is important.

Peace~ DAWN


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