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Tuesday, November 28, 2006
  I Rock the House Big Time
I love the thrift store--I really really do. . . not just because I can get rid of my unwanteds and feel good about it but because I can get all of this for under $20!
Sorry about the darkness; here is a run down: 1 pair of pants, 3 shirts, 2 books (one paperback and one hardback), a picture frame, and a little bag to keep my dpn's in. Ha! that is freakin' awesome!

This is the hardback book I found copy righted in 1971. It has some knitting stitch patterns in it along with tons of advice. I just thought it would be a nice addition to the craft library. I am so happy.

As if that weren't enough to make a kid giddy, I got a surprise package in the mail yesterday from Knitzilla (the folks I donate rad bad beanies to). I was entered in a contest for those who participate and I won this:

That is 10 skeins of Beyond Bold cotton from South West Trading Co. and some needles and a pair of cool scissors. Shout out to SWT Co. and to Knitzilla! you all are awesome! Check out the yahoo group if you think you may want to join.

And because I feel like I rocked yesterday and this morning, I am sending the Rad Bad Beanie group this package:

Thirteen knit/crocheted beanies for some awesome kids! Weeeeee

Have a great day and stay warm (or cool, whatever the case may be). Peace~ DAWN


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