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Tuesday, November 07, 2006
  Election Day Rain
I don't know, is it a portent of things to come or just a test to see of the die hard voters are willing to weather the storm. It is raining cats and dogs here today.

We need the rain, I suppose. I'm just not a grey weather kind of gal. I have lots to do but this weather just makes me want to sit in a comfortable chair and read, knit or write and then fall asleep. Unfortunately, if I give in I will never catch up.

I have discovered something about myself... I really enjoy knitting socks. Who knew? They are fairly simple in construction (you decide how intricate to make them with the pattern for the cuff, otherwise a simple rib and you are off to the races). It is a fantastic mind numbing knit for waiting in line or on a loved one or for making good use of T.V time. "Look, I watched fluff on t.v and made a useful item to boot." I already have 3 pairs I made since the beginning of October when my class started and Soctober began. Yes, I said 3...I have this pair on the needles (finishing up the toe and soon to begin the mate) plus, I have several skeins of sock yarn already purchased and several patterns and styles I want to try. I find my other projects looking at me with wilted fiber and begging to be picked up. This is shocking to me since I stated on a couple of occasions that I would never knit a sock. Why? You can buy a perfectly good pair at the walmart. Answer: they are delightful little gems that take up little to no space and you can wear them and feel special. Nobody else has a pair of socks like these. . . anyway, if you have an aversion to hand knit socks or for some reason haven't knit any I implore you to give them a try...
Check out Knitty's tutorial, Socks 101. Read over it from top to bottom and then grab some yarn and get going. You will gain confidence with this little sock ( and you can hang it on your Christmas tree as the ornament for 2006 ).
After you have turned the heel and closed up the toe (grafting, also known as Kitchener stitch is a piece of heaven!) you will feel like a magician! Tah-Dah!!
Peace~ DAWN

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