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Thursday, November 30, 2006
  Ankle Socks Rock
Well, I finished another pair of socks. They are ankle socks, but they still count. They are made of w.w. yarn on size 4 dpn's, but they still count. I like knitting with w.w yarn on size 4 needles. The socks come out a bit quicker and with the cold weather, my toes are warmer.
Pattern: my own
Yarn: Lorna's Laces Shepherd Worsted
Needles: size 4 dpn's (5 of them)
They fit really well and they are super soft. I bought the yarn out of the sale bin at KnitPixie. The color is called Gold Hill.

Did anyone see the Gilmore Girls on Tuesday night? I was totally loving it and my family new it. . . Lorelie was wearing a tee that had a skull and knitting needles on it that said "knit or go home" -- I think "knit or die trying" would have sounded better. As if that weren't enough, the town was having a Knit-a-thon to raise money to save some bridge. The town gathered in the square to knit all day long until their goal of like 7 or 8 thousand dollars was reached. When it looked like they may be there a day and them some to raise all the doe, Lorilie's new husband (Christopher, blah) donated $7,000. Tah dah, the end. Eveyone packed up their needles and went home cause the goal had been met. What a butthead. Since I am a Continental knitter I always watch how others knit to see if they are too. While watching, I noticed everyone knitting English style except for Sukie who wasn't knitting at all!! she was passing herself off as knitting by simply slipping stitches from one needle to the next. I cracked up on that one. To funny. She should have just been winding skeins of yarn into balls or something. Anyway, I got to be the one pointing out the obvious boo boo in a show for once. Usually it is my husband when it concerns the military OR cars. Go figure.

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