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Tuesday, August 22, 2006
  What the Harlot Says,
What the Yarn Harlot says, Dawn does (well, at least in this case):

In the chapter on "Know Your Stuff", the harlot suggested putting all printed out patterns in file folders on your bookshelf so that you could go directly to them or stuff them directly back in when you where done. I thought that was brilliant! Why have I been messing with trying to stuff them in a labeled binder in individual plastic keepers? It is only more steps to follow and more steps lead to procrastination and that leads to just plain not doing it at all. Which means you have pattern bits laying all over the place and you can never find the one you want. So, I took the advice and walah! I am happy and semi-organized.

And because some of you asked for it (and some of you didn't, but you know you wanted it), here is another glamour shot of Winston:

I know, I know. You could just eat him up. Look at his little face! There is nothing better than puppies and babies. Peace~ DAWN


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