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Tuesday, August 08, 2006
  The Time of the Locust
Well, apparently my life has run off road and I am being pelted by a swarm of locust. All was going along smoothly and then

Apparently the ebb and flow of life has just hit me with a huge ass undertoe. Lovely.

In knitting news (which is why you are here, right?): Serephim got fucked up over the weekend. DO NOT KNIT LACE WHILE FAMILY IS AROUND!! I dropped some stitiches, thought I picked them up correctly, was interupted several times and lost my place so with just under 20 rows left. . . Anyway, I just bound it off and before blocking I have this:

After I block it, I will post a picture. I am so depressed over it... anyway, I am going back and forth now between size 3 needles and size 10 needles for Icarus and the Interweave Knits shrug:

Interesting how they are both in blue. Kinda how I feel. I can't wait to get the shrug done (god, please let it fit me). This yarn is so soft and warm, I will love wearing it in the fall. Better days, people...Peace~DAWN

Oh, I almost forgot... the Taledaga Nights movie was really funny. It was a bit over the top, but still really good. My favorite character was Ricky's dad (he didn't have a lot of parts, but when he did, I laughed my ass off).


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