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Thursday, August 03, 2006
  Slow Poke
I am not "slow"; but I read like I am. How long has Ahab's Wife been on my reading now list? ah, since March!! Yikes! I can't help that I am only able to take to one passion at a time. Knit/crochet or read. Read or paint. Paint or make jewelry. Make jewelry or. . . you get the point.

This is where I questions those people who devour books. . . you know who you are. You read a book in like a week or two and your off to the next one. What is that all about. Do you speed read or skip pages. What gives? It is like you swallow down the words like jello, never having to let your teeth work to get it all down. Me-- well, I read (relatively slowly, I guess) but in addition to that I read words, sentences, paragraphs over, sereral times (on purpose, thank you). I ponder what I read and sometimes close the book to savor all those words up to that point. I will wait days with the image of the people and their situations as they are, suspended until I think I am ready to move on with them. So it was with this book. The whole thing fascinated me! The detail Sena went into about whaling and lighthouses and sewing and just everything. It was great. I never new there was so much involved in whaling and sailing; it was inspiring to read and want to research more about the topic. I love how she made Ahab a real person on land and how Sena gave the female heroin such a voice and sense of self. I highly recommend this book. I promise it is a much easier read than my many months of reading it may imply. I am moving on to Death Be Not Proud. It is much thinner (but a bit heavier); hopefully it won't take me all autumn to finish. I have a date to read Frankenstein in the fall. . .

p.s. I have begun reading my new book and coincidentally have run across this passage: "When he read a book, he would often stop, as if considering what he had read, then go back and read something over." Ha! I am not alone.


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