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Tuesday, August 29, 2006
  Shrug "Skin"
Ooo, those colors look sickly! yuck! sorry about that. The lighting in my dining room is dim so the colors look washed out. Anyway, that is the Interweaves shrug. It was taking a blocking break for a few hours. Now I am working on the lace sleeve/wrist part. It is coming along nicely. I just hope it fits!!

Winston is taking a snooze. He is doing really well. Way to much energy sometimes for the other two who run from him like he has cooties. He is pretty good about going pee and poop outside. Yesterday, he went into the kitchen to pee. At least it was on linoleum this time and not carpet.

We had a very hectic weekend. It felt like all we did was get in the car and go somewhere. I am looking forward to this coming weekend where I plan on doing a lot of nothing in the comfort of my own home. I do have big plans for cleaning my house in the near future. Stop laughing. Stop it. Anyway, I want to go room by room and completely empty out the contents and put back only what we really use/want. I have so much crap it is not even funny! My organizational skills in the past year are practically non existent. In my bedroom alone me and my husband are literally drowning in clothing. It is everywhere. Who could possibly wear that many clothes? Obviously not us. We definately are in the US consumer mode. Not proud, just saying...

Okay, the first room to be gutted is the bathroom (start small, that is always a good confidence builder). Here I go. . . Peace~ DAWN


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