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Friday, August 04, 2006
  Movin' On
My sister is moving into a new appartment. We are goinig to be helping her most of the day Saturday. It shouldn't take too long since she has been making mini hauls over to the new place all week. She is really excited. . . this is the first time in a lot of years where she doesn't have a room mate. Afterwards, we are going to see "Taladega Nights: the ballad of Ricky Bobby". My husband is a huge Nascar fan and we both love Will Ferrell, so we are looking forward to this film.

We are finally getting a bit of rain as I type this up. We have been so dry here in Tennessee lately. Some of the trees in my yard have literally dried up. They have already lost their leaves and are bare to the bone. The ground is so hard, it will take more rain than what we will end up with to quinch the earth, but hey, at least it is something.

I ended up having to place an order with KnitPicks for somemore yarn for Ms. Marigold. The pattern so far is really well written and fun to do, but the yarn yardage is way off. I am even using the yarn that was recommened (which I rarely do, so go figure). And yes, I even did a gauge swatch that came out right. So far it looks like it will fit fine. Also, I needed a couple of more skeins of yarn for my Serephim shawl. I have hit a wall with it since I got back from vacation. I have two projects that I really want to make headway with before I get back into the lace ( it is very time consuming).

The Praying Mantis was on our deck railing. He is probably about 2 inches long:
Patient, perceptive and focused this little totem holds a powerful message. When it appears in your life it is asking you to direct your energy, your thoughts or your actions in a different way. Asking the following questions can give you the insight necessary to motivate appropriate changes. Have I lost patience with a particular situation? Have I been too patient, and if so, has this had a detrimental affect on me? Is my perception correct regarding a situation? Have I become narrow minded? Am I focused on my objective? Perception through stillness is part of its teaching.

Well, have a great weekend everyone. I will let you know how we liked the movie. . . till then, Peace~DAWN

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