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Thursday, August 24, 2006
  Last days of Summer
Well, the college boy has two days left of "summer". He begins his classes on Monday! The girlfriend arrived in town yesterday and this weekend we will help her get settled in her dorm. They are off to do some registration stuff and to get their books today. I'm so nervous for them.

There is knitterly things going on in my home, but alas, they are in the boring "blob-like" state. I have almost finished the body of the InterweaveKnits shrug and then I need to block it and add the cuffs. It is looking good and I am so excited for cool weather so I can wear it. Did I just say I was excited for cool weather. Hmmm, odd. I am also working on another hat for donation but I'm not crazy about this one. That is probably why it has been on the needles for over a week.

Puppy love is growing around here. Timber and Buster are being more playful with Winston. Timber is much older so he tolerates him like an uncle would while Buster is still a youngin' himself so he is up for some tusseling every now and again. I just wonder how the deck will be stacked when the boxer puts on his extra 40+ pounds and little 20 lb. Buster stays the same. Interesting.


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