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Tuesday, August 15, 2006
  From Blue to Green
The concert was awesome! We had the best seats. We were in Row 9 and maybe 2 seats away from being dead center. The kids had a blast. The young one grew a bit tired ( Lynyrd Sknyrd didn't take the stage till 9:30). It was a sold out show, so leaving the arena took forever. We made it home safe and sound.

These are a pair of fingerless mitts I'm working one. It is the third time I started them and got to about this point before frogging. The first time was because I twisted the cables all to hell and back. The second was because I realized I was using the wrong yarn and my yardage was off and finally the third time is the charm. I decided to make then bi-colored and that way I don't have to purchase anymore yarn. I know, blastphemy, however, we still need to eat and pay bills so. . .

The other day when were going somewhere my husband called me to the drivers side of the truck and pointed to this:

It is a cicada bug breaking free from its crunchy cocoon. Look at how fluorescent green he is! Incredible! It kinda looked like a vampire hanging down. We took a different car so that it could complete it's transformation undisturbed.



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