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Friday, July 28, 2006
You know how it is. . . you get back from a trip and it is like setting up house all over again. You want to do the things you love (like knitting and reading and playing) but other things take priority (like laundry, grocery shopping and work).

So, today was the first day back at work after a much need break. Not too much happened while I was away (just the way I like it). One of the therapists is leaving after today so we will be down to 4 (that is four therapists sharing 2 rooms, which if you ask me is plenty). The boss lady wants to squeeze too many people into this small office space and it is getting a bit cramped. Any who. . . I was glad to get back to the business that I love and that is helping others to heal themselves. Very important, people. . . take care of yourselves in the best way you can afford. It will make a ton of difference in your golden years. You don't want to be shaped like a lower case "f" do you--all stiff and stooped.

Can you believe that the whole time I was away I didn't pick up a knitting needle or crochet hook once!! not once. I took projects with me, but they just stayed in the bag. Needless to say, I have been busy with my needles and yarn in any spare moments that I can drag up. I am hard at work on Ms. Marigold and I have begun a ribbed Noro Silk hat. I love Noro and was having stripe withdrawals. I feel so much better, now. Oh!! oh! before I left for vacation, I stopped off at the LYS to pick up the hat yarn and they were having a drawing. You reached in a fish bowl and pulled out a piece of paper with a prize on it. I won a free class! Yippie for me! I plan on using it for a beginners sock class (hopefully this fall). That, by the way, was a the big prize. I still can't believe it. Must mean I am suppose to learn something.

Anyway, I hope to dazzle you all with a few photos this weekend. We had to totally dump our laptops memory because we got infected with a killer virus. It is like a brand new baby. I am still discovering things I may never get back. Also, the girlfriend is leaving for N.D tomorrow. It has been two weeks with her here and all has gone well. She will be back in a few weeks; only this time in the dorms at their college. My son is commuting, so there will be a little distance to travel for dates. Awww...
Peace~ DAWN

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