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Sunday, July 30, 2006
  Pictures! Pictures! Pictures!
Who wants pictures? Blogger, don't fail me now. Here is a couple of shots of the Noro Rib hat that I just finished. It is done with # 204, a very cool colorway I think:

And just so you don't think I was lying about going to the beach, here are some shots of Flagler and there "orange" sand. Yes, it really is orange and very chunky--

The beach is made up of these shells all crushed up--that is hubby giving the "peace" sign:

Some cheesecake:

And finally, an early morning kind stranger took mine and my husbands picture so that we could actually prove we vacationed together:

The kids were there, too but you don't need to see all of that. This blog could never hold all the photos that we took. Sheeeez! we had such a blast! Peace~DAWN

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