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Monday, July 10, 2006
  Mark My Stitch
Between working on Ms. Marigold and doing laundry, I decided to make up a few beaded stitch markers for myself. I have been using some ugly plastic rings (which serve their purpose, but are not attractive by any means) or just plain old jump rings. These are much more to my liking. I have tons of beads that just sit in their tubs waiting to be made into something, anything. I have a compulsion to buy beads, yarn, rubber stamps, pens, paper, tea, perfume/oils, books, and candles. I can't help myself. My house looks like a big dry goods store. My family may revolt one day but that would mean they would have to give up model cars, toy cars, video games, car magazines, skateboard parts and anything remotely to do with tools. Hmm, I don't see a revolution on the horizon. Oh, and I forgot to mention chocolate. I buy a lot of chocolate.

Interesting note(Sunday). I was watching a bird take a bath in the yard today and then it hopped into a nearby bush to preen and dry off. It hopped out of the bush carrying a cheeto. It layed it down and continued to preen for several minutes right in front of me. When it was done it kind of touched the cheeto and then flew off. Now, either the bird thought the cheeto was more of a berry and then said, "shit" and left it there OR it liked me and brought me a cheeto as an offering. I don't know, but it sat there very close to me preening and churping for a really long time. {I just left the cheeto; it was obviously past the 5 second rule}

Well, the house is clean (enough) and the sheets and new pillow have been bought. All that is left is to pick up the girlfriend tonite. Funny: we won't get back to the house till late and both son #1 and the g.f. have to get up at about 6:00 a.m to make it to the college by 7:30 a.m for her orientation. It is a two day thing, so they will have to do it again on Wednesday!! Ha, ha, ha! Second funny, Son #1 already had to sit through this for himself and now he will do it again for his "love". Sweet, no?

Tomorrow I will post progress pictures on the three projects I have on the needles. There will be a fourth joining the fray soon (a nice take along project for our vacation--we leave Friday nite--oooooooo, can't wait). Peace~ DAWN

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