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Sunday, July 02, 2006
  Help! I Need These
Okay, "need" may be a little extreme, but truly--check out JACK SPARROW'S FAVORITE SOCKS and tell me that you don't covet them, too. So here is my problem: I haven't worked up the skills to make socks, let alone the patterning at the top, so if some nice person who loves to make socks wants to, say, make me a pair--the reward would be great. If not, make them for yourself and make me envious. Wow, I've sunk to the level of using my blog to grovel for stuff. Sad maybe, but if it works, worth it...

Baby Got Gauge!

I started the top from Elann and so far so good. The yarn if very stiff to work with; it is 100% cotton and I think that the dye has made it stiff like cardboard. I love the colorway and hope that with a good washing or two it will soften right up.

We spent mucho bucks on fireworks yesterday and the husband got this:

for $20. As we were leaving [the third fireworks vender] they said they would be having half off of half off on the 4th. My husband, jokingly pointed to the $80 can of explosives and said, "let me know when you mark this down to $20." The guy says, "you want it for twenty? Take it." Well, you don't have to tell my husband twice. His wallet was open and we were at the car like a flash. So BIG goings on at our house on the 4th. Be Safe!! Peace~ DAWN

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