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Sunday, June 25, 2006
  Sunday, Rainy Sunday

Woke up this morning to sunshine which quickly gave way to drenching rain (which we need, desperately). It is of no concern to me. You see, we spent the last 2 days at MTSU for Customs--which in real people speak means--"hours and hours of boring lectures and tours of a college campus that both me and my husband went to." We got the oldest kinda familiar with the grounds and he is registered for his fall classes. He will be commuting from home each day {yeah, well. . . we have another going to college next year so we are saving money anyway we can}. Anyway. . . today is lazy, catch up on knitting, laundry and nap day for me. What everyone else in the house is doing, I don't know or care. I am chillin'.

I do have a finished object to show off but because of the rain, I can't get a decent picture. I hope to get it on digital soon and I'll post it tomorrow. It is the cable hat (which turned out so cool and will be a great addition to the Rad Bad Beanie box).

While sitting through a boring lecture yesterday and waiting for the oldest to finish registration, I did finish knitting a cute little Baby Raglan Cardi. I need to seam the arms and weave in the ends (all of which are my most favorite part of knitting and crocheting--NOT).

Three weeks till our Florida Vacation!! yippie!! I can not wait.

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