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Tuesday, June 20, 2006
  Serephim Update Tuesday
Well, there are no photos with this post. I am half way through with chart #1 and right now it is only poking holes in various parts of the shawl (not too interesting, yet).

Bonnaroo is over. . . I heard that Tom Petty had STEVIE NICKS as a special guest during his set on Friday night. I can't believe it. . . I love me some Stevie.

Friday and Saturday we are going to MTSU to orientation for our oldest. He is entering college and I'm scared.

I made the mistake of committing myself to work on Thursday (usually my day off) and I am totally regretting it. I want to sit in the sun and relax but alas, I opened my big mouth and said, "sure". Now I have to work till 7:30 pm. Ack!!

Oh, today is not only Serephim Update day, but also:

Yes, Rescue Me is on tonight!! It is my guilty pleasure of the summer. I love this show! It is so raw and Denis Leary is so awesome, I can't help myself. Have a great Tuesday!!

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