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Thursday, June 15, 2006
  Bonaroo! 3 days of Debauchery
Well, I decided on the asymmetrical Cable hat from One Skein. I started it and got the first 7 rows done and then put it away. Why? because I want to get to the lace portion of my shawl. One of the girls in the KAL finished up her shawl and it looks awesome! I want that to be me!

Sorry about the dark yarn. It didn't photograph well inside. It looks like a black hole. Yes, I'm knitting a black hole, look out. It is a nice Wool/Alpaca blend chunky yarn I got on sale at my LYS. So far the cables are twisting nicely. I love cables. They are so pretty.

I love cables so much that I bought the Vogue Knitting Stitchionary Vol. 2: Cables. It is a visual feast! Now, I just

need the other two: Knitting and Purling and Color Knitting. They are really good reference books (in my opinion.

It is the day before the offical start of
Bonaroo here in Manchester. They opened the gates early this morning and more than 80,000 people will make their way into the Bonaroo site and pitch their tents and start partying. If you don't know what Bonaroo is. . .who are you? just kidding. Check out the link and become enlightened. It is most interesting to witness first hand. Have a great day!

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