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Saturday, May 27, 2006
  Tenn Ren Fest Pics
**ATTENTION** please bring your attention to the editors note on the previous post if you are attempting to make the Saving Grace headband. Thank you. Now, back to our regular blogging.

How is that for a shorthand title. Anyway, here are some photos for your enjoyment from the Tennessee Renissance Festival. Let us begin with my sister or El Diablo as we like to call her (behind her back, of course. She doesn't know that she has these horns):

Next up is the Castle Gwyen. The man that hosts the Renissance here in Tennessee is building his own castle. He has been at it since the 70's so you can imagine how much green it costs to build such a thing. He and his wife do live in it and "grant peasants to view parts of it during the festival". Nice man:

The rest of my festival pictures include a lot of bird shots from the birdlady show and some other castle shots. Here are some fairies {opps, she dropped her balls}:

After all the shopping and people watching and beer drinking we went to Outback for dinner. Yes, we went from the dark ages to down under in less than 12 hours. Here is a shot of a cloud we saw after we finished dinner:

Have a great day!! Peace~DAWN

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