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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
  If I Were A Cool Little Handbag. . .
If I were a cool little handbag, this is the one I'd be:

Do you see how cool this pattern is. . . I mean, really! I have 4 more rows of purling and the first panel is done, then I will make another panel just like it and a strap and then I will put the whole thing together and wah-lah! Oh, you wanna see a close up of the stitches *blink*

Oh, cameras are a funny thing. This is the same bag but the color difference it very odd. The first one is more true to the actual color. It is KnitPicks "Shine". I love this yarn and recommend it for all of your sportweight cotton needs. **side note: this bag is from "easy knitted accessories" and it is project #23 (found on page 102)**

Just for the sake of blogging: I went into the bank yesterday to deposit some checks and the teller that was helping me lost two buttons off the sleeve of her shirt while flipping through the checks. They literally just fell right off. She says, "Well, that's not cheap is it? I guess I know what I'm doing on my lunch break. Sewing on some buttons. Glad I found them both!". After a little more banter back and forth I said bye and as I turned to leave, one of her co-workers says, "Where did you buy that shirt at?" and my teller replies, "Goodwill." I laughed my way out the door. You can't make stuff like that up, people, you really can't. Good irony always happens in real life.

Have a great day!! Peace~DAWN


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