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Wednesday, May 10, 2006
  Hump Day Post!!!
Something to meditate on. I made this for a private swap at postcrossing.
I did my first 3 needle bindoff over the weekend and was successful! I just snapped a few heads off while doing it, but they forgave me later. Now I am working on the boring strap portion of the purse. Holy crap!! 46" of garter stitch!! I don't even think I have 12" yet. I have a goal date. I want this purse done by the 20th of this month so I can take it to the TN Renissance Festival.
Well, our great spring of sunny high 70's and 80's has turned into crap ass rainy 60's and 70's weather. I guess nature realized it basically skipped over "April showers bring May flowers" and now we have "May showers makes Dawn unhappy". That is why I'm not in charge of the weather. We would literally dry up.

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