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Tuesday, May 16, 2006
Well, Mother's day came and went and I didn't even tell you what I got! How's about I show you instead:

That is a Panasonic Lumix 6 mega pixel 12 "somein' somein'" zoom digital camera! Yikes! bonus, I also got a bigger memory card and a case to lug it all in. See all those buttons and do-hickies? well, I haven't gotten even a fraction figuared out yet. But is sure is purdy.

We went to the Spaghetti Factory in Nashville for dinner and I ate way to much because I only had a tiny donut for breakfast. And because my husband is the charmer that he is we got an extra Spumanti ice cream for dessert. Which he ate. We then watched the conclusion of Survivor Panama and I was sad the Cerie got kicked off (I actually wanted her to win), but was happy to see Aras win in the end because he was my next pick. Wicked me, I laughed my ass off when he slipped on those rocks on the last day while drinking champainge. It was so funny. I'm glad that he only needed a few stitches or I may have had to feel really bad. I don't know what happened on Desperate Housewives or Grey's Anatomy, yet because I haven't watched the tape. I hope it was good stuff unlike the ending for the Gilmore Girls which just pissed me right off.

Anyway, lest I dull your brains with anymore t.v drivel. . . have a great day! Peace~DAWN


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