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Sunday, May 21, 2006
  Cozy Progress
Here is a sample of the progress I am making on the Cozy Poncho for Florida:

It is so pretty and soft. I'm using the Shine yarn from KnitPicks that I bought for that bi-och Beatrice. She is no more, by the way. She is being re-incarnated as a bag, a poncho and whatever else I deem her to be.

A little side note on the snake episode. I think the snake was a type of black racer. Not quite sure but I am sure it was NOT poisonous. While I may have appeared brave keep in mind that I thought the snake was dead when I got in the pen with it. I was probably about 3 feet away from it the whole time. When I realized it was alive, I could also tell it just wanted to get the hell out of dodge. Timber just likes to "play" with stuff, so he thought it was a new toy that just came in to visit, I guess. No more signs of the traumatized fellow, whew!

We went to the Tennessee Ren. Festival yesterday and had such a good time. I have some pictures to download and share with you in the next post. I was really good and didn't buy every little thing that caught my eye. I did visit the Crystal Mountain Oils stand and smelled my way into a slight headache. I also bought 3 vials of oil. I had just recently purchased some online from them, but I just couldn't resist. We had some good food and beer and watched a little jousting and the bird lady with her birds of prey. Missed the human chess match, to busy shopping! Saw a lady spinning and she had some homespun for sale as well as some wraps and ponchos. However, I was not impressed so I just moved on.

Friday is the big graduation day!! I'm okay, really I am.....

Have a great Sunday!!! Peace~ DAWN


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