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Sunday, March 05, 2006
  Sunday catch up
I am slowly making Beatrice progress. I'm on row 22 right now. I've only been working a couple of rows each morning before work so she isn't as far along as I'd like, but . . . so far so good. Ashleigh has joined me and I'm sure she will have hers complete before me! I told her that I probably bought way too much yarn for it. I'm keeping track and will definitely tell how much knitpicks Shine was actually used during the process incase someone else wants to do it and doesn't want extra yarn hanging about. That was a LONG sentence full of grammatical error, I'm sure.

I am still reading Ahab's Wife. She is about to be discovered on the Whaling ship. Oooooooo. It is really really good so far. I heard about another book called Into the Wilderness about people who die and their souls are reborn into animals in their town. I checked Amazon.com but it hasn't been released yet. Hmmm. I will keep in on my list though. I was hoping for a couple of reviews.

My youngest finished up his basketball season yesterday with a win!! their team, overall, did really well. I think they won more than they lost but I really wasn't keeping track. My two older boys had their first soccer scimmage yesterday from 9:00 am till 3:00 pm. They went up against 4 different teams. They came to the young ones game BURNT! Their poor faces and arms and legs were toast. It only got up to around 53 degrees yesterday and no one was thinking "sunscreen". Duh, the sun is hot no matter what season it is. Next Saturday they have another day long scrimmage and you can bet, sunscreen will be in their bags.

We are going Shopping today!! yippie!! that means the Maccaroni Grill for dinner!! another Yippie!! I love their food. If you have one near you and you haven't been. . . why? go! If you don't have one near you, I'm sorry. Finally, if you don't like their food, hmm, I guess I have nothing to say to you.

Have a great day!! Peace~ DAWN

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