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Saturday, March 11, 2006
  Picture Postcard
Here is a new card I made last night. I love this--I say that about most of my cards, but at least I part with them and don't hold them for very long. I made this one on some heavy card stock that my postage stamps were sent on from USPS.com That my friends is an actual, factual dead leaf from my yard. Bonus, a real poststage stamp from Malaysia. It is very pretty and if you look closely you can see the postmark. I don't know who is getting this one. I actually was just fooling aroun with the scanner and wanted to see if I could upload a picture that way and -- behold -- we have a photo on the blog!! Not so boring today, huh?

I had to work for about 3 1/2 hours this morning. Not to bad, it left the rest of the afternoon for crafting. While the husband and son are putting up a new garage door opener, I'm playing with glue and paint. Fair.

We are going to the movies tonite to see "Failure to Launch" about a middle age man who still lives at home. I can't wait. The previews seem so funny. In the next week or so I want to see "the Liberten" with, you know who. . . Johnny Depp!! I'll let you know how the movie was tomorrow.

Have a great day!!

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