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Thursday, March 23, 2006
  No News is Good News, right?
Been a bad blogger lately? raise your hand. Yup, me too.
I am almost done with the Magic Scarf. I will probably get a chance to do my first "binding off" sometime today. Ooooo, exciting. You know what else is exciting? I've already picked out my next knit project....a super simple stockenette stitch purse. I still need to practice those stitches until they become a part of me.

I have done about 25 rows on the baby blanket and when it gets a little farther along I'll post an in progress picture. I really like the color choice. Moss stitch in crochet is very meditative so I have to be in the mood to do it or I just get bored. Probably a weekend project.

Finally gonna pay my taxes tomorrow. I want it done before we go on our trip next week. Oh, did I forget to mention that? We are going to Minot, ND. Why? well, my oldest son's girlfriend lives there and he is going to go up to take her to prom. My best friend lives up there so I am going to see her!!! and the rest of the family is going because we are a family. The kids are hoping for snow and I am hoping for a heat wave. Somehow I think we will just get stuck with plan old COLD.

Till next time. . .

p.s, here is the new project I'm starting: Stockinette Purse from VogueKnitting's Knit Simple spring/summer issue:

What could be more simple than that for a beginner?

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