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Friday, March 10, 2006
  Hideously Boring. . .
Sorry to be so hideously boring of late and for the lack of photo content. To add to the excitement of my life, my camera has decided that it is having a spat with the computer and it won't recognize the import connection. In other words, no photos. We can't find the disc to reboot the program, so it looks like we may be camera shopping the the near future.

I am on page 246 of Ahab's Wife and let me tell you something; things have been happening in this book for about the last 40 pages or so that NO ONE should EVER have to endure. Uck!!

I went to the doc's yesterday for the annual "female" thing and got a call in the late afternoon that they let me get away without drawing my blood. Ahhhh, shucks. I, being the good patient that I am, went directly back after the phone call to put forth my forearm for the needle. Later that nite my shirt rubbed my arm and I thought I was gonna cry. I pulled up the sleeve and I am now the proud owner of a fabulous purple/pinkish bruise. Don't be jealous, I can tell you, they will NOT be all the rage in Paris. I iced it (but too late, I'm afraid).

Slow going on the shrug. . and to make matters worse, I received my e-Bay order in the mail yesterday. A beautiful heather grey, green, blue yarn that I really really really want to dive into. HELP ME! I would show you a picture but, I can't.

Have a great day!!!! Peace~ DAWN

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