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Monday, March 13, 2006
  Failure to Launch
While the reviews were if-y at best, me and my husband thought this movie was pretty dang funny. Matthews character, Tripp (whatever) was a flake, but you know that going into the movie so you don't expect much from him (thank goodness). The secondary characters, Kit and Ace's romance is much more entertaining and more fun. The animal scenes are to die for! I cracked up every time a creature of nature popped up in the scene. If you can get past the naked Terry Bradshaw scene with him feeding his fish in his "naked" room, you will survive the movie. I would wait for the rental, just because there are so many other movies out that would be worth the extra doe. If you do decide to pay the admission, you won't be pissed.

As far as The Libertine, well, I have heard mixed reviews about this one, so I'm gonna wait to get more info before subjecting the husband to this film. Truly, he will go if I want to, but I hate to see him bored to tears. Period pieces are not his thing and so I don't know how well he will fair.

I had the day off (which is odd for a Monday) but I enjoyed myself by cutting and pasting the day away. I did some laundry and cooking and errand running, it was all good. No crochet today. Not in the mood lately to run with the hook. Not a bad thing, just the way it is for now.
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