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Wednesday, March 15, 2006
  Beatrice is a Be-otch!!
Okay, whoever wrote the Beatrice shrug pattern, come closer so I can slap you. (In all fairness this is probably karmic payback for the mistakes I printed in the Felted Memo Bag, but honestly, I appoligized. Sincerely.)

Anywho. . . I came home for lunch and decided to try and get the back finished (the part where you only do 1/2 the row for a set number of rows before picking up the second sleeve). Well, I did the increase row for the size 34 bust--because I'm not a 30 bust (thank you god) and didn't realize until after I'd finished the entire back that the original size is an even number of rows and the larger size is an ODD number of rows. Are you getting it yet? well, let me help you. To continue the pattern, it is written as if you are working on the EVEN # not the ODD # therefore it doesn't match up. *insert scream here*

I had to frog half the back and do an even # of rows. I have since put the be-otch down and am currently venting. I probably won't get back to her till tomorrow, by which time I hope to have calmed down considerably. This is why I don't make clothing, people. This--this very reason.

Oh, and believe me, this little "error" in the pattern is just the cherry because earlier, before I left for work in the morning and was beginning what became this ordeal, my yarn knotted up beyond belief. I had to do some splicing and some tugging and some cursing. You know, all those pleasant things you want to do before you go interface with another persons energy and massage them. Come to think of it, my morning had a lot of cancelations. Hmmmmm, interesting. Thanks Beatrice, you bitch. This thing better look Hot when I'm done with it or we are having a bonfire and you all will get to witness it via photography.

I hope you all are having a much better time with whatever you are working on and believe me when I say, I am truely sorry for the errors in my pattern. Truely.

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