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Tuesday, January 31, 2006
  What's Up?
Hey everyone, what's up? I haven't posted in awhile, I know. It's like this. . . I kept saying "the pattern is coming, the pattern is coming" and I was so long it writing it up I didn't feel like I could post again until I had it ready for ya'll. So, now that that business is out of the way, I can post and ramble at will and not feel guilty.

Here are some recent Handmade Postcards I've made for TAGs at Post Crossing:

The one with the truck is a personal favorite cause my youngest drew the picture. After he was done I thought it looked cool and asked if I could use it in one of my collages for a postcard. His face lite up--he was so flattered. All three turned out really nice. Next I'm gonna experiment with some "stained glass" effect and see what I come up with.

On the hook: I am making the Ophelia Bolero. I don't think it is up for sale anymore. I can't even remember the web address I got it at. It is open stitches, but will work nicely in the spring with tank tops and such. I amost have the back complete. Two sides and two sleeves to go. Next, I just finished this Rad Bad Beanie for the RBB project. After I weave in all the loose ends I'm packing it up with about 8 other friends and sending them off to new heads.

I love this hat. It fits really nicely and if you are into ultra bright colors, well, what more could you ask for? It is an original pattern, made with Caron Simply Soft and an H hook. Totally Rad, Dude.

Well, the weather outside is frightful and I have no delightful fire but I do have some yummy homemade chicken soup on the stove for dinner. Mmmmmm. Okay, I cheated a little. I didn't actually roast the chicken and make the stock myself. I bought a fryer and ripped it apart and added it to a pot of chicken stock and threw in some veggies and wild rice.
Peace and good eats to you~ DAWN

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