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Saturday, January 14, 2006
There is no title for this post. Just a quick run down of the days events.
I went in to work this morning for a few hours. One of my clients was an Hour and a Half massage. When he re-scheduled he asked if we were doing 2 hours yet. Ha!! No. I had time to do some reflexology on him, though. I love reflexology, however I don't get a lot of call for it in the town I'm in. People ask about it all the time. I think I have two clients that are stickly reflexology. Otherwise, I put it in where I can.

My youngest has his first basketball game of the season this afternoon. He is so excited and keeps asking if we are all going to watch him play. I'm bringing some crochet along (the felted bag I'm working on).

I am making a tiramisu with Nilla waffers for dessert tomorrow. It is in the oven now. This one is made with the waffers instead of ladyfingers (good luck finding those around here) and with 4 packages of cream cheese and heavy on the coffee. I'm so thrilled with this recipe. I hope it turns out great. I made some patty melts last nite that I was thrilled about, but over-toasted my buns so it was kinda like the dinner scene from Christmas Vacation with the over cooked turkey. Lots of crunching and dry mouths. No bones to yak on, thankfully.

We watched the Wedding Crashers last nite. Funny movie; Vince Vaughn made that film. He was hystarical. A little to heavy on the boobie shots. I'm not into women's boobs and quite frankly think that for every bare boob that is shown in a film by a woman, there should be equal time given to the muscular male form in nude. You know, Mattew McConaughey, Heath Ledger, Johnny Depp, Matt Damon. Beer gutted men with saggie boobs don't count (unless the female boob belonged to a woman with a beer gut and saggies). But we all know the likelyhood of that happening. Yes, it's when women reclaim the world!!!!

Enjoy your Saturday and I'll enjoy mine. Peace~ DAWN

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