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Thursday, January 19, 2006
  Squares to Share
I like that title. Squares to Share. . . sounds like an exchange or something? hmmmm, anyway I finished off 3 more squares and without further adeu:

These are squares 12, 13 and 14. I love the way 14 looks. I wasn't so sure of 13. . . a little if'y in the beginning, but it turned out really pretty. And well, 12 is just kinda blah-say but it has its purpose in the big scheme of things. As we all do no matter how blah we may feel sometimes. I swear, I know that there are squares in the Main Color somewhere in this pattern. I only have four done in the red so far and quite frankly. . . I miss it.

I have finished up three more postcards for the sending.

Hmmmm, I wonder which one my sister is getting? I already know, it's going out today and I've already written on the back of it. The other two don't have a destination as of yet. I am working on another teabag postcard. Those TAZO labels are awesome. To creative to just chuck in the ole can. Since I've started working on my own postcards and on making a visual journal, I see all sorts of scraps of paper as potential fotter for the creative bank. My goal in the next couple of days is to get my shit organized. Really people this is what my dining room table looks like RIGHT NOW (thanks Sue, you know why).

Yeah, we don't eat in here. Which is really sad cause it is one of the prettiest rooms in the house. That is a combo platter of chaos: crochet, journaling, postcard craftiness and a platter full of sunglasses (I don't know why). Notice the storage bins of YARN in the back left cornor. I have been reduced to stock piling my stash through out the house. I need help, people. You do NOT want to see my book shelves *cringe*.

Peace~ DAWN


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