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Monday, January 23, 2006
A slow day at work has given me more time at home this afternoon. Yeah. I went to the post office and posted 11 postcards going to various locations throughout the world. I had joined an International Round Robin at PostCrossing. Now I await my 11 cards in return. I got a card from Estonia on Friday. Estonia! I just thought it was a place where 'Encino Man' was from. High five if you loved that movie! I fell in love with Brendon Fraser then and there.

I have felted my bags!! they are on the floor in front of the heating vent trying their best to dry out. The larger one turned out the best so that will be the pattern I post . I will end up trying to sell the small one. It is nice but-----well, you'll see eventually.

I am about half done with the book The Three Junes and I love it! it is really good. I have no clue how it will end, but I really like the characters. I bought two books at B.A.M yesterday. One is Frankenstein by Mary Shelly. I plan on reading that one in October with
Ashleigh. She has got a nice list of classics to read throughout the year. Check it out and maybe you'd be interested in reading one of them with her. The other book is Ahab's Wife by Sena Jeter Naslund. I will read that one after I've finished The Three Junes.

I have completed 3 hats for the Rad Bad Beanies and hope to have about three more done soon and then I can send them off. Hope you all are having a great Monday. Till later. . .
Peace~ DAWN

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