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Tuesday, January 17, 2006
  More Squares and Birthdays!!
I have not abandoned the 35 Squares Afghan and here is proof:

These are squares number 10 and 11. Not the most exciting in the bunch and I don't know where in the heck the squares in my main color (autumn red) will come in, but I have a lot done in the complimentary color (dull bone).

I have not abandoned the new felted bag, either. I have complete the stitching on TWO (2) of them! I need to attach the hardware and then felt and then hopefully have two new bags and not to new rags. Then I have to attach the strap's and take photos so hopefully by the weekend you will see the finished project. Just bare with me, people.

Today is my middle son's birthday!! he is 17 years old!

It is also my dad's birthday, he is 78 years old

We love birthdays!! Hope you all have a great day! Peace~ DAWN

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