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Sunday, January 15, 2006
  Look, I'm Blogging Again
Hold on to your hats people. You may not be able to keep up with me, I'm blogging 2 days in a row!! I may go for three just to keep you off balance.

First off, the basketball game was excellent. My son's team, the Eagles, lost to the Wolves with a final score of 22 to 24. To cap off the game, in the last 2 seconds one of my son's team mates shot a basket and made it at the buzzer. How cool is that. They had such fun and worked up quite a sweat. Win or lose, it was a great game. Plus, FREE POPCORN. Hello? FREE. Gotta love that.

The dessert turned out delicious! and there will still be a piece or two left K for when you come tomorrow. Silly.

Now, the following link is not meant to depress you but to inspire you to forgive and get on with the life you are suppose to be living. In the process, if you feel the desire to send out good vibes to the author and her brother, that would be most generous of you. Please take the time to read this entry at My Daily Om. Thank you.

Now, if you are looking for the BEST DAMN BROWNIES EVER! check out this recipe. It is GUARANTEED (cause I made them, ate most of them, and cause I said so, ha).

All the guys are at a boat show today so that leaves me in the house all by myself. I've already done the happy dance and the obligatory walking from the shower to the bedroom naked bit. All that is left is eating junk and crocheting, reading and writing in the 'ole journal. Unless you've just won the lottery or are having amazing sex right now (which your not cause your reading this) than you can't top this day. But go ahead. . .try. That is a dare to make you go have some fun!!
Peace~ DAWN

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