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Thursday, January 12, 2006
  Dawn's Day of Fun!
Last Thursday (my day off) I posted my list of chores, well today is Dawn's list of FUN!! No chores today just good old fashioned "do whatever the hell you feel like doing" day. So, here is my list followed by pictures of said accomplishments of the day.

In order to be a better blogger, I've decided that Wild Yarn will grow to include more of my creative endeavors besides crochet.

Lookie, lookie:

Here are the kiddie bracelet, the anklet, and the necklace. The necklace was a bear to string. I ended up using thread and knot/glue on the ends. I love the color combo and the anklet makes nice soft jinglely noises. The kiddie bracelet belongs to a co-worker. Her little girl chewed on it and crimped up the clasp. I re-strung it and added some spacer beads for a little more appeal. I think she'll be pleased.

Next we see the first of the Snowflake Monday offerings. As you can tell, it is blocking and if you can make it out it is quite pretty. It is the Northern Snowflake and I think I will make several of these.

Finally we have:

Some of the postcards I've made for PostCrossing.com. Unfortunately, I mailed off the original art drawing that I did for my first one. In hopes of not doing that again, I'm gonna photograph groups of them when they are complete and ready to go. I made an awesome one with a Tazo tea label, but because of my impatience, I tried to topcoat it while the undercoats of glue where still wet and the whole thing curled up and came apart. It was a work of art all on it's own, believe me. I have learned to let one layer thoroughly dry before adding another layer.

Anywho. . . I hope you have enjoyed peeking into my day of fun and I hope that you all encorporate a day of fun into your week for yourselves.

Peace~ DAWN

editorial note:

For breakfast I had cream of wheat, snack time was brownies, lunch consisted of peanut butter crackers (made on Saltines, frankly the best way to make peanut butter crackers) and finally, I've given up dinner plans in lieu of ordering Pizza. This truely is a day of FUN!


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