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Sunday, January 08, 2006
  Another Unnamed Scarf

Here are two variations of the same scarf. The first one was done just as it was written and the second one was done by taking the stitches and mixing them up. It is the Yet Unnamed Scarf pattern by McCrabby. This is such a versitile and easy scarf to make. Can be for a man or a woman depending on the yarn colors and if you add fringe or not. I added fringe because I am serious about destashing my yarn this year!! I mean it (she said with great force). This one will go in my 25 Things for Charity pile. I have already donated 15 items and have 7 items made and are waiting for the right charity or for my piles to increase to make it worth the postage. I think I joined in October which means I will have well excited my 25 Things in a year pledge by the time October rolls around again. Yah! for me!

I am currently working on another felted bag pattern. I worked up the mock size and have begun stitching away. I cannot promise when it will be done, but rest assurred that if it is half as great as I see it in my drawing, all you felters will love it. Plus, it will be another felted project to choose from for all those participating in the Winter Wool Swap *wink*.

I leave you with "sleeping beauty". It is me after my son came home from the Winter Formal. He was one of the escorts. My son, the escort, Ha!! too funny. Anyway. . .

sleep well. . .~ DAWN

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