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Tuesday, December 13, 2005
  Scarves All Around, I'm Buyin'
Hey, are you ready? here are the scarves for the co-workers. I won't go into pattern and/or yarn type cause I didn't keep track and I'm not about to now. Just enjoy the colors and textures:

Wouldn't you like one of those for a gift? I sure hope they go over well. You know, as I was making the last one I started thinking about how much they would cost if I made them to sell. Each one cost a different amount as far as the materials. The redish one alone was $14.00. The green fuzzy one and the multi-tonel brown/red one were about $6.50 each and the grass green one was $5. The other two were the cheaper. One was from scrapes (that sounds so bad) and the black one was RH christmas yarn in black with gold for like $1.82 and it only took the one skein. I think it is better to give a gift of crochet than to try and sell it sometimes. People don't really understand the cost of materials (that is not even factoring in the time and difficulty of the pattern, sheeesh).

If you can't get enough squares, here are three more. There is a red one coming up next time. It seems that the booklet gets the CC ones done first.

I know it looks like I'm kickn' butt on the these 35 squares, but don't get to use to it. I feel the winding down phase coming on. I just started another felt project for my friend in North Dakota. Her birthday is tomorrow and I'm just know getting to make her present. It will be worth the wait.

I have been busting my butt wrapping presents today (with the older two off from school and everything). I have done my domestic shit and am about sick to death of laundry and cleaning products. I have to go into work at 3:15 and I'd rather stay home and play. Damn! There truely is no rest for the wicked. Till, ummm... Thursday. Peace~ DAWN


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