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Tuesday, December 06, 2005
  Preview and Good News
Here is a preview of the scarf I'm submitting to the Calendar a Day 2007:

And here is a close-up:

I'm gonna go ahead and write the pattern up this weekend and post it for any of you who want to make it. Super easy, super fast and way to cute when it is on for words.

Now, for the good news: (don't get overly excited, I'm not pregnant or won the lottery-ha!) I found a yarn store in town!!! A real, honest to goodness yarn store: ImagiKnits and it is so cool! Three ladies own and run it, they have classes and a stitch and bitch night, plus all the soft and colorful yarns of natural pursuation you could possibly want to pet! I am in heaven. I popped in after my massage this morning and it was like walking into the coffee shop on "Friends". It is a house and each room is chuck full of yarns and each room has either a table and chairs (for lessons) or chairs and sofas for comfort. There are books and magazines and kneedles and hooks and markers and people getting instruction and I'm getting dizzy. As luck would have it, Tuesdays they have beginner knitting in the morning, so starting in January I'm signing up for a class so I can work out the kinks in my tension. Plus, stitch n bitch is Tuesday nites so I can finish up with my last client and pop over and crochet/knit for an hour or two. How convenient is that? Anyway, take a gander at the yarns I brought home (you didn't think I just went in to look did you? Silly.):

Oh, and if that weren't enough for you, the new Crochet Me is up!! and that brillent heathered red alpaca up there is for this divine scarf by Robyn Chachula. I just love saying her last name...Chachula.

Peace and have a great day!! DAWN


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