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Saturday, December 31, 2005
Well, since my weekend if full of unexpected guests and not going anywhere near like I wanted it, I thought I'd post these pictures since this is the only time I'll get a chance.

First of all here is the mini felted tote for my friend, only SUPER-SIZED. I increased the beginning round by 3 so there is a total of 100 hdc and I added up about 5 rows. It is a nice size purse, now.

Yes, the purple did fade out quite a bit, but I love the zig-zag stripes it created.
Here is the next item I finished this week. It is a tiny sweater for the babies in China:

I plan on making about 5 of these and sending to Holly. It is the cutiest sweater ever! Really easy and a great way to use up Red Heart! I have some Lion Brand homespun that I may use for a few, but I need to get this stuff out of my stash. Next is a yellow one.
I am working on a scarf for the Red Scarf project for the Orphan Foundation of America. I have to get it done by the 15th so they get it by the 20th!

Well, I hope you all have a safe New Year's eve and a great beginning to the year 2006. I have truely enjoyed getting to know some of you and trading comments back and forth and I look forward to what the new year can bring us. Thank you to all of you who read this little blog. It's a small thing, but it means a lot.
Peace to you all~ DAWN

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