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Sunday, December 04, 2005
  Paper Pinescones and Other Sundries
Well, I'm back with pictures of a couple of crafty projects I've been up to lately. First off are the Paper Pinecones (plus one in ribbon):

This nifty little project came from Sue over at Good Yarns. Check out her post on
Ribbon Pinecones. I did the top three with paper and used 2 inch egg shape styrofoam. The big 'un in purple is made with wire ribbon and the egg is about 3 3/4 inches. I didn't do such a great job filling in all the little spaces at the top, but for the first few I'd say they turned out pretty fine. The pins go in much easier on the ribbon ones, but it is more economical to make them out of pretty paper if you want to make loads of them. On the bottom, where you can't see, I put an upholstery tack to cover up the seam and add some decorative interest. Thanks Sue for such a pretty project. Your instructions where great!

Now, on to the other project than has been consuming much of my free time. Bath Salts. Not the making of them, cause that is pretty damn easy. It is the packaging of 90 individual little bags and putting labels on them that took the time. I had to mix the sea salt with the Epsom salt and then add some lavender buds. Shake, shake, shake. Seal. Place sticker. 90 times! Take a look at 15 of them:

I put these together for our clients at work. I was suppose to try and come up the something like 200!! well, 90 are gonna get bath salts for their feet. The rest are people I probably don't work on anyway.

The Christmas tree is up and will be decorated tonite. The inside is decorated. The outside is halfway there. The weather turned rainy this afternoon and the men couldn't finish the lighting. I finally bought my Christmas cards. Now the arduous task of addressing envelopes begins. Three presents have been wrapped and are under the tree. The rest are stashed in various corners of my bedroom. The holiday season has begun. . . fa la la la la.

On the crochet front, I have almost finished the second scarf that I am gonna submit to the Pattern a Day for 2007. I hope it will be accepted. It is really cute. It is my take on the ruffle scarves. When I get them photographed I'll put up the picture and when I get accepted (smile) I'll go ahead and put up the pattern on my blog.

Have a great day and beginning of your week! Hope you all are getting in the holiday spirit. Merry Christmas!!

Peace~ DAWN


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