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Saturday, December 10, 2005
  Last Scarf of Christmas
I did it. I finally finished the last scarf of Christmas!! I used some baby alpaca in sport weight and followed the pattern for the Zen scarf from Crochet Me. After about row 10 it became zen for me and I flew through the pattern with no problem. It is so soft and conforming, I really don't wanna give it up. Good thing, I have plenty of yarn to choose from to make one of my own. It is a nice airy pattern, but the alpaca makes it warm.
Also, me and the young one baked some Snickerdoodle cookies (my favorite). I followed the recipe that Wendy posted on her blog Crazy Crafter. Please give her blog a visit and try this recipe; it is really good! Thanks, Wendy!
If that wasn't enough for one day, I also began the 35 Granny Squares Afghan . I was given a copy of this great and elusive leaflet by a friend and I am so happy!! I haven't decided if I want to join the CAL at Crochetville or not. I plan on slow boating this particular project and I don't wanna join and only post once in a blue moon. I may just lurk and post pictures of the finished squares here. I chose to use Simply Soft yarn: main color Autumn Red and contrasting color Bone. I think this is one of the prettiest reds out there. So far I have square one done. Not very exciting (this one is just your run of the mill granny, they get a lot better, trust me).
Hope you all are enjoying your weekend and not going to crazy with last minute preperations for the Ho Ho Holiday. I finally had to cut myself off and say "enough is enough". I am now only buying stocking stuffers. You know, undies, cologne, razors, stuff like that. My cards are DONE!!! they will get stamped and sent on Monday and I have my elf packages ready to go as well as the in-law package. Wooo-hoooo!
Peace~ DAWN (p.s; the post below has the Curly Girl scarf pattern and it is also on the side bar)

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